Bump, Set, Spike

Girl’s Volleyball Preview


Timothy Christopher I, Staff Writer


2017-2018 is going to be a great year for Highlanders Volleyball. Senior returners like Lucy Stronach and Alina Fletes the season looks bright for this electrifying team. The team has put last season behind them and is now in full throttle for what is to come.


This team of all 16 healthy athletes is lead by spunky Linda Brown. Brown has coached Helix’s volleyball team for over 10 years. While she is disappointed about last season’s record (9-18), she and the team are confident that this year will be different.


The team has play makers at every position. Most important are the veterans leading the team and lower class men to complement them. The way the seniors connect with the younger players is a sure example of how influential veterans can be to novice players.


This season’s schedule is similar to those in the past in which the team plays against some out-of-league teams, but most of the team’s schedule consist of league games.


Adiva Joseph was badly injured last year with a torn her ACL last year and while  it did badly impact the team, although this year she’s back and better than ever. So when a AJ, the JV/Varsity coach, everyone agreed that returnees will be a great impact to the team.

“You play the way you practice, so as long as we go 100% in practice I think we can go far.” A quote from senior Adiva Brown.


Another player looking to be a great influence to the squad this year is Alina Fletes. A captain and arguably the hardest and most important position on the court at Libero, a player specialized in defensive skills. The libero must wear a contrasting jersey color from his or her teammates and cannot block or attack the ball when it is entirely above net height. Alina works very hard and has the college offers to show for it.

The ability this team has is astonishing. This squad has power at every position and their athletic ability is extensive.  


Besides the great athletic ability that this team has, when it comes down to it, the ability to connect as a team and work together is what will really get them to CIF.