ASB at Work


Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Staff Writer

Pep rallies, student and staff birthday cards, Club Rush — who organizes it all?

The spirit and organization within Helix is run by ASB, the student body on campus.  The Associated Student Body, or ASB, is what creates activities for students to participate in throughout the year.

ASB is an A/B elective class that sophomores, juniors, and seniors can take during their day. An audition, consisting of tryouts and an interview, is required to join the class and is usually held before winter break.  

“Usually what happens is we’ll give you three different spirit days to dress up as; last year was tacky tourist, superhero, or Disney, so last year I dressed up as a tacky tourist,” current ASB member Jocelyn Thomas explains, “then that’s the first day of tryouts and you just wear your costume for the first day, and during tutorial you’re doing a test with acting skills, they did an assessment of your math skills, which everyone should have passed, and then there’s a second day where they’ll have you paint a banner for something. So it could be for water polo or field hockey or sports or dances.”

When asked about joining, Freshman Jasmine Lopez says, “I would be [interested in joining ASB], helping with the dances and all that, I think it would be really fun.”

ASB is run by Adam Krzywicki, commonly known as Coach K by students.  He came to Helix in 2012 and is beginning his fourth year as ASB Advisor. He also teaches economics and coaches Varsity boys wrestling in the winter.   

“Coach K is well liked throughout the Associated Student Body,” Jocelyn Thomas tells us.

“I became the ASB Advisor to work with amazing students to put on great events, help them develop their leadership skills and abilities, and make Helix a great place for all students, staff, and community members,” Coach K recalls. “ASB is for any person that wants to make a difference at Helix.  ASB does so many different things that there is something for everyone.”

ASB has different committees within the class. “I’m on the Communications Committee, that’s the committee where we will make posters and help design social media posts and basically in charge of the creative parts of ASB and publicity,”  Jocelyn Thomas explains. 

Along with the Communication Committee, other committees include Spirit and Finance.  The Finance Committee does exactly that – handles finance.  They also run the Dawg House during lunch, where students can purchase slushies and Subway or KFC, depending on the day.

The Spirit Committee is in charge of senior nights, school spirit events, like Luau and Pajama dress-up days, and athletic activities.

“ASB is a fun class, but also requires dedication and a strong work ethic to be successful,” Coach K advises students interested in joining. “We want ASB to be as diverse and creative as our campus.”

Any student interested in ASB should consider attending spirit rallies, participating in dress-up days, and going to tryouts in winter.