Helix Softball Season Overview


Bailee Waid, Social Media Editor

For the Helix Varsity Softball team, the season came to an end on May 15, 2017.


With a team composed of five freshman, two sophomores, four juniors and three seniors, it’s been a particularly successful year with an overall record of 18-8.


The team of 15 was coached by Emily Kowalski who said that a big obstacle this year was having such a large team consisting of “six freshmen so it took a little time to find [their] team chemistry.”


She continued to say that she thinks they “did well this year. There’s always a lot for nerves with freshmen when they go straight to varsity.”


This was especially significant because the team saw a significant influx of new players, all of whom contributed to the team’s tremendous success.


Freshman player Kasey Castro said that the team didn’t really get to spend much time bonding outside of the field. However, it was still a great season.


Castro continued to say that the team, especially considering the many new players, worked very well together.


Erin Brown, right fielder, in agreement with Castro confidently said that their game against El Capitan High School stood out from the rest because of all the “hype” and just fun that all the girls had as their last home game of the season on May 11, 2017.


But in the beginning, their record wasn’t too promising. The team kicked off the season with a loss against Granite Hills, an unpromising feat.


But the girls persisted, and eventually, they saw the fruits of their efforts. They turned things around in their following two games against Fallbrook and Montgomery High School with two triumphant wins.


Throughout the season, the girls continued their win streaks, the longest being five consecutive wins, with periodic losses, a significant feat for any sports team.


And as Kowalski expressed, the game against El Capitan, with a final score of 13-1, really gave hope for the next season.


Kowalski expressed that she “look[s] forward to seeing how the kids who were freshmen this year grow — they all have a lot of potential, a lot of raw talent … [She] want[s] to see how they grow next year.”