Helix Baseball Plays At Petco Park


Leslie Valle, Staff Writer

On Wednesday April 26, Helix’s Varsity baseball team got the privilege to play at Petco Park, a baseball stadium located in the downtown area of San Diego.


The Helix Highlander’s Varsity baseball team played against the Santana Sultans with the result of winning with the score of 4-0.


“That was a good win against a good team,” said Helix coach Cole Holland.


Holland explained how the team throughout the season has grown both in the game and with their sportsmanship.


Both teams started out with Senior pitchers Connor Konishi (Helix Highlander) and Noah Nunez (Santana Sultan).


Due to the fact that the game took place at Petco Park, of course the players were excited to play in a big stadium. There are more fans than usual (fans that don’t normally come to games) and many Helix students game to support their team.


Konishi said that he had no problem starting at the game. It was exciting for him to have this opportunity to end off his senior year baseball season.


“Hey, Konishi against Nunez should be a great game,” said Holland, “For us, it’s a much better game because we managed to get this one.”

Junior, Keaton Chase, said “Of course, I’d like to play in a big-league ballpark, but we needed to win this game. We talked about how big this game was, how important it was, and I’ll do anything I can to help the team”.


Both Chase and Holland said that Defense played really good at the Petco game and the team as a whole had great sportsmanship and enthusiasm.


Jacob Hernandez, Senior on the team, said that it was nice being able to see plenty of Helix family and friends come out to support.


“It was such a great experience being able to be on a field that Major League players are always on.” Hernandez said smiling.