Avril Lavigne is Dead … at Least According to the Internet


Jackalyn Diaz, Helix Life Editor

The Avril Lavigne conspiracy theory has returned to the internet once again.The theory was originally posted on Twitter by Twitter User @GivincheyA**, claiming that the “real” Avril Lavigne allegedly committed suicide in 2003, and has been replaced by a look-alike, so her brand would continue.


The Twitter thread had over 100,000 retweets, and 160,00 Favorites, according to Rolling Stone.


It’s alleged that in 2002 Lavigne was having a difficult time coping with fame after her album Let Go was released, so her management allegedly hired lookalike actress Melissa Vandella as a decoy, according to the New York Post.


Givenchy Tweeted that Lavinge had allegedly committed suicide because of the death of her grandfather in late 2002.


According to Rolling Stone the hoax has been around since 2011 because of a Brazilian blog post, and it went so far that Lavinge herself addressed the topic in an interview on Brazilian TV in 2014.


The interview was posted on YouTube. When asked about the alleged death, Lavigne laughed “well I’m here, I’m here in Brazil”.


In October of 2015, the New York Daily News reported that the now deleted video of the interview was titled “Proves that Avril Lavigne Lied in the Interview”.


There’s just one problem, the Rolling Stone explained that BuzzFeed wrote an article titled “Here’s How I Accidentally Made An Old Avril Lavigne Death Hoax Go Viral”.


The article explained that the Brazilian post made it clear in the beginning that the whole purpose was to show how conspiracy theories can look true, but that regardless of the disclaimer the theory still managed to spread like a wildfire.


Like many other conspiracy theories, the theory is filled with holes, and an excessive amount of complexity.
In case you were wondering.. Avril Lavigne is very much alive. She still continues to tweet and post on all social media platforms.