Harry Styles Album Review

Harry Styles Album Review

Sofia Jacobo, Co-Editor in Chief

It seems that ever since the popular British boy band One Direction went on a hiatus, each member has come out with hit singles of their own. Harry Styles, however, is the first member out of the five to release a solo album.

My personal favorite band member, Harry Styles, released his self-titled album, on May 12, 2017.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, a very creative title, but before you judge the album by the title, let me explain why this album will rock your world. If you were alive during the time period that One Direction dominated the music industry, you know that their entire career revolved around pop music and preteen girls.

“Harry Styles” is “indescribable in a way that cannot quite be contained by the realm of words,” described Helix sophomore Madeleine Denison.

When I first listened to the album, I struggled with understanding which genre it fit into, until I realised it didn’t. The 10 songs range anywhere from pop to indie to alternative. This surprised me – I was used to hearing peppy pop songs about some beautiful girl, not well sung songs that were elaborately put together.

The song “Kiwi” stood out to me, taking on a rock-n-roll vibe that surprised me in the best way. This was the first edgy song I had heard, it gave me the experience of opening my ears to possible music genres that I’d be interested in.

“Meet Me In The Hallway” and “From the Dining Table” had the same indie genre that I was unfamiliar with, it made me want to learn how to play acoustic guitar and sing along with my friends.

“Carolina” had an edgy sound that made it my ultimate favorite.

I always had a closed-mind when it came to music, whatever was overplayed on the radio went onto my playlist. I had always been a follower of mainstream music never straying away from what was popular.

“Harry Styles” pushed me outside my musical comfort zone.

No matter what your music taste is, if you’re open or closed minded make sure to check out “Harry Styles!”