Boys Lacrosse Overview


Leslie Valle, Staff Writer

“LAX is love, LAX is life, ALL DAY!…write that down”, Junior Gabe Saltzman, said when describing this year’s Lacrosse season.

The 2017 Spring season of boys varsity Lacrosse has been one for the books as many of the lacrosse players mentioned, the team has grown immensely not only by being more skilled in the game, but also by having a closer bond within the team.

Arturo Sanchez, senior and varsity player, mentioned that “although at first the team had a few rough patches and lost the first few games, we ended up winning a couple of our games after… the season overall was really great”.

Sanchez also mentioned that, the lacrosse team had an off and on winning streak, but throughout the process of those games the team went from playing the game individually to playing the game as a team.

Before the season started, during pre-season, Coach John Wittles had everyone on the team nominate three team players who they thought deserved the spots of being captains.

This year, Seniors Emilio Gonzalez, Jesse Guerrero, and Zach Scott were nominated as team captain’s.

Senior Nico Shoultz, mentioned that “yes our coach gave us great guidance, but I think we were able to resolve many of our team issues between each other”.

The team has shown growth not only by being able to play the game at a faster pace of logically thinking and making more goals as well as being effective communicators to problem solve any issue on and off the field.

“Since we are a small team (16) we all were able to have a fair amount of playing time,” Sanchez said.

“It has been such a memorable year and it was cool being able to spend it with a lot of my friends on and off the field…the last few games were bittersweet considering the fact that we all have a close bond,” Roman Sellers, Senior on the team, said happily.