The New Favorite Summer Outfit


Valerie Arevalos, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Summer is just around the corner, and as many begin to set goals for the desired “summer bod” and plan out their upcoming trips to the beach with friends and family, ACED Designs first created what is now known as the RompHim. The RompHim is a romper (much like the cute ones girls wear) but just so happened to be designed for men.

Along with “turn[ing] heads” and “break[ing] hearts,” the RompHim (as self-advertized on Kickstarter, a website designed to advertise new ideas) “doesn’t stop at product aesthetics.”

The company assure that the RompHims were tested on several men with different body types and sizes, and promise that once they “put it on, [they] won’t wanna take this thing off.”

The founders, four business students at Northwestern University, mention in the Kickstarter page that “everything [referring to menswear] was either too corporate…too fratty…too ‘runway’…or too basic.”

The students were looking for something that would be “more stylish and fun without having to sacrifice comfort, fit, and versatility” for men, therefore coming up with the RompHim.

“Rompers hit all these attributes,” they wrote on their ‘Our Story’ section, “-it’s unique, fashionable, cool, and very wearable.”

Many Twitter users are either complaining about the rompers or are jokingly encouraging it.

“My biggest, and really my only, issue with RompHims are that they are already engineered & more practical than rompers for women,” tweeted Madi McCann (@madimccann_).

According to theKickstarter page, RompHims include several convenient features including a front shirt pocket, “equally handy for pens and Persols”; adjustable waist tabs “for a more flattering, tapered cut”; zippered back pocket “to keep your wallet safe, no matter where you’re romping around”; zipper fly, to simplify the struggle of “getting fully undressed to go pee”; and deep front pockets to “hold onto it all.”

The Kickstarter page doesn’t offer many options aside from the Red Chambray, Blue Chambray, Splatter Print Cotton, and the newest “Fourth of July Special Edition.”

“The most intriguing aspect of the $90 RompHim,” reported the Huffington Post, “is its body positive image.”
Presented as a “mildly obnoxious, devil-may-care garment for young men with an abundance of money and/or self confidence,” AJ Willingham of CNN wrote that the RompHim “is definitely an aesthetic.”