Leslie Valle, Staff Writer

‘Tis the season for dress shopping, suit fittings and”promposals”.


Helix High School will be hosting it’s Prom on Saturday, May 20 at the beautiful and historic USS Midway in Downtown San Diego.


Every high school girls and guys is dream to be ask or to be asked to their Senior Prom and for Helix Charter’s Senior, this is the year of thoughtful, funny and quirky promposals for both friends and couples.


Have you ever heard of a joint promposal? Well here you have it!


Seniors Anna Acosta and Emily Evans asked Juniors Grant Northcutt and Richard “Richie,” Kirkman to prom incorporating a Volleyball pun to spike up their promposal by surprising them during break and incorporating volleyball.

“I’m glad we could surprise them in a way that intertwined their sport and a funny pun… seeing their reaction was awesome”, Evans said smiling.


Then there are the unexpected Promposals.


Wesley Babbitt, Senior, asked his girlfriend Sebastiana “Seby” Pletcher by tricking her into thinking that she had to talk to her coach for an important swim season matter, but ended up surprising her on the diving board with the sign he made along with white and blue flowers that he knew she would love.

“I didn’t even know he was going to ask me to prom…it was completely out of the blue” Pletcher said blushing.


Not only did unexpected promposals become popular but so did promposals with puns “Hay you’re adoorable, will you goat to prom with me?” coming to life…literally.


Senior, Peter Johnson, asked his girlfriend Hannah Blome, to the dance in the way no one would ever expect.

Johnson surprised Blome by bringing a goat into her lawn and a pun that connected everything together.


Of course there are the high school sweetheart Promposals.


Valerie Ruiz, Senior, will be attending Prom with her boyfriend with Senior Emir Ruiz. He lit up a candle walkway that led to room then revealing the word “Prom?” on her bed spelt with candles as well.

Emir Ruiz explained that although they have been together for quite awhile now, he still had “butterflies” in his stomach and was nervous on how everything was going to turn out and her reaction.


The “grand entrance” proposals will always catch not just their date, but everyone by surprise.


Benjamin Rodriguez asked his girlfriend, Amy Phillips, during school by dressing up as a monkey while holding a poster board that had a pun, “I’d go bananas if you went to prom with me?” that explained why he was dressed as a monkey and had friends help him with balloons that spelt out “Prom”.

We will be looking forward to see these couples and many more at Helix’s Senior Prom May 20 at the USS Midway.