Heroes vs. Villains Dance Show


Valerie Arevalos, Arts and Entertainment Editor

On Friday, Apr. 28 and Saturday, Apr. 29, Mrs. Katie Pipes directed yet another Helix dance show.

The winter dance show began at 7 p.m., and was held at the main stage theater, where the main theme of the dance, as well as the dance show name, was titled “Heroes vs. Villains.”

Erika MacSaveny, a sophomore in Unleashed Dance Company (a.k.a advanced dance) mentioned that she personally “thought the majority of the pieces followed the theme pretty well and [that] the theme was pretty clear in several dances.”


All fifteen dances, not including the finale, held a variation of strong dances. Some of them, like “Revolution,” choreographed by sophomore Kayalanna Perrault, related more to the “Heroes vs. Villains” theme with the black and white contrast in costume pieces, than other routines such as “Defying Gravity,” the third performance after intermission, choreographed and performed by junior Sydnie Brown as a solo.

Pipes surprised the audience with the classic 80’s jam “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These)” performed by the Unleashed Dance Company. The surprise was that at a completely unexpected part of the show, danced offstage and onto the aisles of the audience.
The audience was excited for one specific piece, however: “The Six Merry Murderesses,” or in other words, “Cell Block Tango,” from the musical, “Chicago” performed by six Unleashed Dance Company dancers.

Junior and Unleashed Dance Company dancer, Chelsea Anderson commented that “Cell Block Tango [meaning “The Six Merry Murderesses”] was the best piece. I’m not biased,” she laughed, due to the fact that she took the ‘major’ role as Velma’s (Catherine Zeta-Jones in the film) Cicero story.

“I just think that it was the most put-together. We had props, our costumes were definitely inspired from the original, and it was just really good. I really liked it,” she said.
Along with Anderson, Cole Atencio, a sophomore tapper and arts-and-entertainment-enthusiast believed “The Six Merry Murderesses” was the best piece. “Can’t get better than that one,” Atencio mentioned.

Another close favorite was titled “Cinderoncé”, an amusing piece choreographed by freshman Erik Jaimes, but inspired by Todrick Hall. The dance shifted along with a Beyoncé medley with classic songs such as “Single Ladies,” and nine others. The piece focused on Sydnie Brown as “Cinderoncé” and Erik Jaimes as Prince Charming.


MacSaveny confessed that despite the challenge, “Run It,” was her favorite piece. The Tap piece was choreographed by junior Alisa Preciado, with a Chris Brown Medley of “Gimme That,” “Poppin’,” “Run It (instrumental),” and “Love More.”


“I enjoyed tapping in this show,” said MacSaveny, “I enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone and doing a hip hop piece.”
Although there were a few minor details the dancers themselves noticed they could have improved on, as audience member, Cole Atencio mentioned, “I’m not the best to judge [any dancing] but from what I saw, it was just a really good show.”