Helix Swims Last Home Meet for the Season


Jenny Brotherton, Staff writer

Helix Aquatics ended their last home meet for this swim season against Steele Canyon High

School on Thursday April 20.

In addition to this being the last home meet for the season, there was a special recognition for senior swimmers.

The hot afternoon began with posters hung around the pool deck that included the names of swimmers graduating this year. The posters held many vibrant colors and cute drawings to show support for the seniors and, as with every meet, started out with a chant to show school pride.  

As most of the meets do, this one began with the 200 medley event. This event consists of four different swimming strokes; butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. The variety within events such as the 200 medley tends to make a majority of athletes nervous.

Avery Nolan, a freshman on Junior Varsity swim at Helix, placed first during her 200 medley relay. Nolan also beat her personal record for her backstroke. This is her first year in swim, but she can agree that this meet is definitely a memorable one.

“I’m kind of sad this is the last home meet because being home always has a fun energy that we don’t really have when we are at away meets” Nolan said.

Halfway throughout the meet, the athletes were able to take a break in order to give their attention to the seniors. The senior students each honored a teacher from Helix that has helped support them through their academic and athletic careers. The students received flowers and posed for a group picture.

With such a special dedication to the seniors, the bleachers were full with beaming teachers and family members.

Hannah Menchaca, a Helix sophomore on novice swim helped out by being a timer for the meet. Sitting at the edge of lane 6, she timed each swimmer that swam in her lane. For Menchaca this was her last meet of the season. Although she didn’t swim in the meet, she was still involved with the team.

“What I’m going to miss most about the swim season is the practices, because sometimes they were fun and other times they were challenging which helped us push ourselves” Menchaca said.

One of the most difficult events is the 500 freestyle. This is about 20 laps in the pool. Sophomore Helen Barrios, on JV swim, typically competes in the 500, as she did in this meet.