Class Elections


Leslie Valle, Staff Writer

On Wednesday April 19, Helix Charter High School revealed the class of 2018, 2019, and 2020 class officers would be for the 2017-2018 school year.

Before the going through the process of publicizing their slogans to promote the position that they wanted to strive for winning, students had to meet the requirements of a 3.0 GPA and no “U” in any classes in order to run for a position.

Mr. Adam Krzywicki, ASB Director, said that the way that the voting works is that “class officers are elected solely on student voting. Students may run every year regardless of the outcome of the previous year’s election.”

This process makes the elections student-based so that way students and their peers have a deeper connection with one another and the class officers make it their priority to create a balance to do what the majority of  the school would want versus what they need.

36 students applied for a class officer position this year between 9th – 11th grades. After a week and a half of publicizing with posters around the campus and social media, class officers were announced on April 19th during advisory period, the results being:

Class of 2018

President – Ryan Gwin

Vice President – Capri Wilson

Secretary – Jaize Holt

Treasurer – Matthew Goldman

Class of 2019

President – Kaelin Mastronardi

Vice President – Victoria Slocum

Secretary – JD Hopper

Treasurer – Nathan Nguyen

Class of 2020

President – Cole Dominguez

Vice President – Amaya Jones

Secretary – Ariana Adamson

Treasurer – Penelope Amado

Kaelin Mastronardi, newly voted class of 2019 President, said that by taking the position of being class president, he knew that he could make a positive and impacting change for the school and thanks his peers for electing him.

Nathan Nguyen, elected class of 2019 treasurer, said that “I have to think about my class as whole now instead of myself and I know that’s something I can accomplish with this position.”

Jaize Holt, class of 2018 Secretary, said she is more than happy to be in this position and she hopes to make her senior year the best it can be.

Helix is now prepared for the next year with amazing students who have awesome ideas for the some of the first things they do are create which are the Spirit Packs for their grade and work football games as a fundraiser.

Freshman Class Officer elections are done in September. For any incoming freshman who may want to run for a Class Officer positions or have any  questions, comments or concerns, feel free to contact the ASB Director at