People’s March to Save the World

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Bailee Waid, Social Media Editor

On Saturday, April 29, tens of thousands of protesters, demonstrators and those who have concern for the environment’s safety all gathered in Washington D.C. to march for the climate.


Alarmed at what they see as a dangerous assault on the environment by the Trump administration” the protesters decided that on the 100th day of the new presidency, they would bring the attention to the issue of climate change and more specifically, the deniers of climate change, New York Times wrote.


At roughly 12:30 p.m., beginning at the capitol building, protestors marched to the White House, and once there, “let out a collective roar” to drown out the, “voices of the administration’s climate change deniers,” the New York Times continued.


The policies that have been put into place , “which have generally prioritized economic growth over environmental concerns,” CNN wrote, have not only upset Washington, but cities around the U.S. that are protesting too.


The Huffington Post explained that, “From Chicago to Denver, San Francisco to Honolulu, protesters marched in snowstorms and sweltering heat to let the president know that they care about the planet.”


As the protests website states, “We’ve already seen just how effective people power is against this administration: Trumpcare? Withdrawn. Muslim ban? Blocked.”


As the marchers with signs and posters filled the streets, the temperature was only rising — it reached 90 degrees which is, “well above the average high of 71 degrees for April,” in Washington D.C., CNN stated.


Along with that, as CNN puts it, there were 50 calls to the Washington Emergency Medical Service and 4 people ended up in the hospital due to the heat and lack of hydration.


Some protesters’ signs really showed the meaningfulness and significance to the protest; some comical and others more serious.


Here are a few.