Scottie Tots


Jackalyn Diaz, Helix Life Editor

It’s that time of the school year here at Helix Charter High School, where future scotties are on campus.


Every Year Mrs. Beth Leighton and her child development classes host the program “Scottie Tots”.  The three week program is a pre-school full of fun, and educational activities, as well as every kids favorite thing: playing.


The activities are planned by the students in the class, but chosen by Mrs. Leighton.


Some of these activities include: making maracas, story time, “Scottie Says”, “what happens when you don’t brush your teeth” experiment, painting, and decorating nameplates, and musical chairs.


Each activity focuses on either art, language skills, music, or science.  


According to Mrs. Leighton, the program goes all the way back to the 60’s, however she’s been running it since 1989.  


She also said that her favorite part of the program is “seeing how the kids grow more confident day by day” she also said “ I like watching how the boys in the class play and interact with the kids”.


The whole point of the program is for the students to pick a child and observe how their behavior changes throughout the three weeks.


The program is not only a learning experience for students but it also provides parents with a break .


When asked, students said they enjoyed the program and thought it was a lot of fun.


Junior, Mercedes Nunez said “ My favorite part of Scottie Tots is seeing the kids interact, and share with each other”.


Sophomore,  Anyssa Sanez said “I love playing with the kids, they’re all so cute”.


We even asked the toddlers what was their favorite part of Scottie tots.


Ezra (Ezzy) Block, son of English teacher, Mrs. Leanna Block, said, “Painting”.



Gabriela (Gabby) Ortuno, cousin of Junior Chelsea Nunez, said, “Playdoh”.


Staff members, and students are welcome to bring children to the program. However there is an optional $2 fee for supplies. The program is Tuesday – Friday in room 520.




Tuesday – Wednesday: 9am – 11am

Thursday – Friday: 8am – 11am