SDSU’s Head Basketball Coach Retires

SDSUs Head Basketball Coach Retires

Chelsea Nunez, Sports Editor

As the college basketball season concluded, so did Steve’s Fisher’s position as San Diego State’s head basketball coach.


Fisher has spent the last 18 seasons with the Aztec’s as their head coach and has had over 50 years in coaching experience, previously working as a head coach for University of Michigan and working as an assistant for the Sacramento Kings.


According to an article in the San Diego Union Tribune written by Nick Canepa, Canepa believes Fisher “brought basketball to San Diego”.

Canepa, who has a personal connection with Fisher, claimed Fisher “high-fashioned San Diego into a basketball town” even after San Diego’s loss of two NBA teams, the Rockets and the Clippers.


During Fisher’s time as the Aztec’s head coach, the titles he brought to the team changed both the city and the school.


Fisher led San Diego State’s basketball team to 8 NCAA Tournaments, with six consecutive years in the tournament, and was also able to get the team to be one of the top 5 college basketball teams in the nation back during the 2010-2011 season, according to the Union Tribune.


Fisher also sold out The Viejas Arena, where the games took place, something Canepa claimed was an “impossibility” before Fisher became head coach.


According to MWconnection, a website dedicated to college sports in the Mountain West Conference, Fisher is finishing his career with a record of 571-290, many of those wins involving his three Final Four appearances and a national championship title he brought to University of Michigan when he worked as their head coach.


As Fisher steps down from head coach, the Aztec’s have named their new head coach to be Brian Dutcher, a former assistant coach who has been with them for the last 18 seasons, coincidentally the same number of seasons as Fisher.


Although a new era for San Diego State’s basketball team is beginning, Dutcher is expected to bring just as many titles for the team as Fisher successfully has, according to GoAztecs.