SeaWorld Fireworks Cancelled

SeaWorld Fireworks Cancelled

Maria Vazquez , Web Design Editor

The summertime tradition  firework show hosted by SeaWorld won’t be making an appearance this year, and will instead be replaced with a new attraction.

The new attraction, named Electric Ocean, will replace the fireworks and “feature bioluminescent lighting, overhead laser lights, acrobatics and an illuminated parade,” described The San Diego Union Tribune.

But it’s not all bad news for visitors. The San Diego Union Tribune reported that the fireworks’ absence this summer will only be temporary, as SeaWorld told them that the fireworks are on a “hiatus for the foreseeable future.”

Park officials told NBC 7 news that fireworks will still be on display for certain events and the three-day holiday weekends during summer.

According to The Times of San Diego, a petition against the fireworks is active on, with 11,151 people supporting the petition.

The petition claims that the fireworks are “damaging the quality of life” for San Diegans, also arguing that it constitutes animal cruelty, and risks towards hearing health.

According to NBC, the park says the petition wasn’t the cause of the temporary cancellation.

“I would like to see [fireworks] continue. I don’t know why you wouldn’t. If SeaWorld wants to put it on, seems like a great idea to me,” Michael Truesdall told NBC.