Unity on the London Bridge

Unity on the London Bridge

Samantha Miranda Espinoza, Editor

After the most recent terrorist attack in London on Wednesday March 22, many have turned to blame the Muslims residing in the area. One response from the Muslim women of London, as reported by CNN is, “Muslim women linked arms along Westminster Bridge Sunday [March 26] in a show of solidarity with the victims of last week’s London terror attack.”

“Many of whom wore blue to symbolize peace, were joined by supporters who stood in silence for five minutes as Big Ben struck 4 p.m,” reported CNN.

The unity comes merely a few days after the attack as a reply to the picture of a Muslim Woman who stood on the bridge directly after the attack while on the phone, which many labeled as inconsiderate.

According to CNN, many have come to her defense stating that, “The people who took on that picture are being rather selective,” photographer Jamie Lorriman told ABC, “In the other picture in the sequence, she looks truly distraught… personally I think she looks distressed in both pictures.”

NBC Montana reported that, “Investigators are still assessing whether the attacker plotted alone or acted as part of a broader conspiracy. They’re continuing to probe [examine]  his contacts in radical circles in Birmingham, Luton and London, the official told CNN.”

As reported by the Huffington Post, the picture was taken of her talking on the phone and “Twitter user ‘Texas Lone Star’ shared the image and accused the woman of ignoring an injured person on the ground, along with the hashtag #BanIslam.”

Though the woman wishes to remain anonymous, The Huffington Post reported that she spoke to, ”a UK organization that tracks anti-Muslim abuse and provides support for victims, to speak out against those making bigoted judgments. After finding out what happened amid the chaos, she not only called her family, but also stopped to help a woman along her way home.”
Despite the multiple deaths after the attack, the unity shown between the Muslim women on this bridge leaves room for hope and prosperity, and holds the potential to end the negative views on the woman who was just as much a victim as the non muslims.