Philosophy Club


Ivan Jimenez, News Editor

If philosophy doesn’t bake bread, then why is it worth studying?

It’s an age-old question – and some Helix students are ready to answer it.

The year 2017 will see the genesis of a revitalized club on campus – Helix Philosophy Club. The club’s new president, Ricardo Sandoval, aims to revamp the club to distinguish it from its drab predecessor.

“The old Philosophy Club was small and not really inclusive with the rest of the school. What I want to do is allow people to join the club and learn about philosophy and be able to talk about it. That’s something that didn’t really happen with the old club,” explains Sandoval.

The club, which meets in room 550 on Thursdays during lunch, aims to discuss various philosophical topics. Metaphysics, morality, free will and other puzzling questions will all be covered. Certain topics are heavy and controversial in nature, though, so officers make the following recommendation:

“Just don’t get shook,” Jonah Leota, the club’s secretary, jokingly advised.

The club began its first meeting with a discussion about the importance of philosophical study despite the subject being useless in a practical sense (hence, philosophy doesn’t bake bread).

Then they debated an age-old question – the meaning of life. Members argued different views such as whether the meaning of life is to reproduce or help one’s neighbor. And as the lunch period ended, senior Anthony Alvarez proposed an existential solution which left most members satisfied.

“I think the meaning of life is subjective, it’s depends on the person,” he proposed.

At their next meeting, the club plans to discuss free will and determinism, a philosophical concept examining whether humans are free to do as they please, and if so, whether their actions deserve praise or blame.

It promises to be a riveting debate, and Helix is lucky to be a part of it.