Spring Break

Spring Break

Samantha Miranda , A&E Editor

With spring break just around the corner, those of you not working on your senior project might be wondering what to do with these two weeks of freedom.



Explore the sea caves in La Jolla, with many different kayak tour operators which are open at varying times of day and night, you can’t go wrong with this experience. While passing through sea caves, you may run into many marine animals such as sea lions, pelicans and cormorants. Sea caves aren’t the only terrain you’ll see, while kayaking you’ll pass through multiple terrains such as sandy beaches, rocky coasts and even in the open ocean. Best of all, no previous experience is needed so hop on this opportunity before it floats away.



Knott’s Soak City

Adding on to the water theme, Why not go to a water park? Knott’s Soak City features multiple water rides like “Old Man Falls,” a water slide with a drop measuring over 60 ft and “Sunset River”, the perfect ride for lazy park goers. As well as the rides, the “Wipeout Surf Shop” contains all types of clothing and other memorabilia. This park is open from 10 in the morning to 7 in the evening, with parks in Anaheim and Chula Vista and tickets at 28.99 for adults, you can never go wrong with a water park.


Whale Watching

We can’t seem to stay out of the water this spring break and whale watching is no exception. Hop aboard three- and-a-half hour cruise to see the grey whales that migrate from Alaska as well as spot dolphins, seals and sea lions. The boat is said to have whale and dolphin sounds playing in order to attract fellow marine mammals and learn all about sea creatures and their habits from an expert. Coming in at $24 and located at the San Diego Whale Watch, 1717 Quivira Rd, San Diego, CA 92109 Whale watching is available from 5 in the morning to 10 at night.



If water attractions aren’t for you, you may enjoy the multiple hiking trails San Diego has to offer. Mission Trails, Cowles mountain and Shepherd Canyon are just a few of San Diego’s hiking attractions. Whether you want to run up trails like a champ or prefer to walk and enjoy the scenery, there are trails that vary in terrain and length so you’ll have no trouble finding a trail that you’ll enjoy.



If none of these have called attention to you yet, try going to a festival. San Diego has many festivals during spring break such as the Japanese Friendship Garden San Diego Cherry Blossom Festival. Join the annual celebration of spring and Japanese culture, take in sights such as the Koi Pond and waterfall. Enjoy authentic Japanese spring food and don’t forget to invite your friends.


Even if you don’t go to any of these attractions and simply end up binge watching your favorite series on Netflix, be sure to spend time with your friends and get lots of rest so that you can start off quarter four just right.