Kayla Bulster: Teaching on the Weekdays, Coaching for a Season, Writing on the Side, and an Actress Above it All


Leslie Valle, Staff Writer

The woman. The myth. The Legend. Kayla Bulster, American Sign Language teacher at Helix Charter High School, is more than what meets the eye.

In the words of Stevie Wonder, “Isn’t she lovely. Isn’t she wonderful.” This teacher can do it all. Teacher, coach, actress and author, she does it all with such an awesome spirit.

During her 9 years of being a teacher, she has taught English, multimedia, and computer concepts and applications and is currently happily teaching American Sign Language at Helix Charter High School.

Spencer Damien, a senior at Helix Charter High School and Bulster’s former student, said that “she was really fun and there was never a bad or boring day in ASL.”

Not only is Bulster an amazing teacher, but she is also a T.V, film and theatre actress.

It was a spontaneous decision for Bulster to audition for a lead theatre position, she never imagined that she would continued after. She had gotten the lead role she had gotten so much good feedback that she thought why not continue and try to audition for film as well.

Bulster commented that after one movie audition that, “everything kinda just snowballed down from there leading her to new experiences in the theatre and acting communities.”  

44A few years after her first experience as an actress, Bulster was invited to a gala for the International San Diego Film Festival, which she then got to meet local celebrities and had the opportunity to walk the red carpet and had won a couple of awards for the some of the films that she was recently in.

“It’s been a really awesome experience” she said as she uncontrollably smiled remembering her experience at the Gala.

But wait there’s more, she is also an author. What once started out as a side job as a copy editor turned out to be the start of a new beginning. It started out as an idea for a new story and her publisher had told her to go ahead and write her story. Bulster is a self-published author and her first novel Wishful Thinking was published Oct. 2011 and sold over 100 copies throughout the time it has been published.

She now has two books  published and is working on in the future.

Wait we’re not done quite yet. Bulster is also a Freshman cheer coach at Helix Charter High School. She became the Freshman cheer coach in 2014 and has continued to be since.

Bria Freeman, Senior at Helix and Bulster’s former student, mentioned that if she could describe Bulster in three words it would be “funny, compassionate and loving.”

Many of Bulster’s former and current students will always love how she makes her class a caring  and safe environment as well as  the love she for her students, but also for the life that she lives and many of the family and friends she inspires.

Make sure to read her novels that are available on paperback as well as online and to check her out in her films.