Katy Perry at the Brit Awards

Katy Perry at the Brit Awards

Samantha Miranda , A&E Editor

On Wednesday Feb. 22, 2017 Katy Perry performed her new single, “Chained to the Rhythm”, and on stage, during her performance were two giant skeletons, which according to CNN, “were dressed as Trump and UK Prime Minister Theresa May.” Along with dancing skelations, there were dancers dressed as houses.


During the song, the skeletons, “paraded around on stage holding hands– a clear dig at their recent meeting at the white house,” according to Time News.


According to Time News, “Twitter was quick to chime in on the unusual choice of set design, ascribing potential political meaning.”


The skeletons are nothing unexpected from Katy Perry as, she “is always here for choreography that involves inhuman objects. These houses were no exception.”  Time published, while referring to the houses that also played props for her performance.


The Huffington Post wrote that, “Katy Perry wasn’t kidding when she said that she would be showcasing ‘purposeful pop’ in her new era.”

This seems to follow onto when,” Katy previously caused a stir on a stage at the Grammy’s when she and Skip Marley, Bob Marley’s grandson performed together on stage ” which Huffington Post wrote “packs a political punch.”


Other Political symbols were seen in her Grammy performance where the Huffington Post published that, “she performed her new single while sporting a white suit […] as well as an armband which sported the message, ‘persist.’ The message ‘persist’ was in representation of the minorities to be effected after the presidential election.  


Additionally, “most of the routine’s symbolism was open to interpretation, the number ended with Katy and Skip holding hands in front of a projection of the US constitution.”


Katy Perry seems to have really gotten into her mission of releasing her “purposeful pop” music and reactions on social media have been great.