Mardi Gras Bashes The Falcons: “The Young and The Ringless”



I'Yonna Applon-Kettles, Sports Editor

PC: Sports Illustrated

On Tuesday Feb. 28 2017,  New Orleans will be hosting their annual giant party, Mardi Gras. In preparation for the celebration people make their floats weeks in advanced, being that New Orleans home football team is the Saints, and their rivals are the Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans took advantage of their rivals losing the superbowl as the theme for some of the floats this year.

According to Sports News, “The Mardi Gras parade takes place in New Orleans, home of the Falcons’ NFC South rivals, the Saints. It would only make sense that Saints fans would want to use the holiday to celebrate Atlanta’s heartbreaking loss to the Patriots in Super Bowl 51. If the float is real, it will roll its way through the French Quarter on Tuesday, Feb. 28.”

Every year at Mardi Gras people come out to show off their dance moves, costumes and amazing floats, but this year it was that and more, throwing shots at the Atlanta Falcons about losing.

According to New England Sports News, one of the floats had a big pot with a falcon in it stating, “Dirty Bird Gumbo.”

Another float on the side says, “The young and the ringless” with a painting of quarterback Matt Ryan, and wide receiver Julio Jones.

The statement “The young and the ringless” is referring to the fact that the Falcons have been to the super bowl twice, and lost both time. Also according to Media News, “Falcons blew a 25 point lead in the super bowl”.

Mirror News, wrote an article on the New Orleans floats, there headlines were,  “Greatest sport chokes in history after Atlanta Falcons blows 25 point lead to lose super bowl LI”.

New Orleans took that information and added fuel to the fire by making a float with a blow up voodoo doll with a Falcons jersey on with fake pins and needles in it.

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