2017 Helix Airbands


Maria Vazquez, Web Design Editor

On Saturday, Feb. 11, Helix hosted their annual airbands event which is where students pay to watch other students showcase their dance and lip syncing skills.

The groups who performed were Rufio, Frula, Diamonds and Theta. These groups went face-to-face with each other as well as a team of teachers.

With a gym filled with hyped students and parents, the show started with hosts Leena Salem Cesia Haro starting the show off.

Starting the show was group Theta, with a theme that was “Out of this world”. The performance started with three astronauts landing into a mysterious planet and upon their arrival, stumbled across extraterrestrials. Aliens showcased their moves to the newcomers. Theta wrapped up the show with astronauts returning safely home.

Next up was the group Rufio, with the creative theme of spies looking for the fugitive- the Joker. After many failed attempts in trying to capture him, they found the victorious solution by using the power of love. With a very wise choice of music and dance moves, they pulled off this edgy theme.

The second to last group to perform was the non other- Frula. With a  thoughtful choreography and songs. A man stuck in an island  and finding a genies and granting him three wishes and returning his way home.

Last but certainly not least was Diamonds. In a performance that had girls in a party and ending with a face-off of The  90’s vs. the 2000’s.

At the end of the show, a group of teachers  put a memorable show that had dance and music from the 50’s leading up all the way to today’s music and dance moves.

Returning students as well as newcomers all around enjoyed the show.

Helix student, Aurora Collins, who attended Airbands for the first time, said, “It was really fun,” she continued by saying “The energy and the people you could see that like how hyped people were when they got on stage and after even everyone thought of the costumes.”

Another student Leah Blake said that she enjoyed the performances but thought that the judges were off on deciding who came first, second and third.

In the end, Rufio took third place, Diamonds came in second and taking first place was Frula.