A Historical Night at the Museum – Winter Formal 2017


Charlie Martin, Editor-in-Chief

This year’s Winter Formal “Night at the Museum” was sure one that will go down in history. Held at the Natural History Museum on Sat. Jan. 21, this annual dance was lively and extravagant.


Junior class president Ryan Gwin spared no expense in deciding where to have the dance in order to please the most guests. “I followed the advice from current seniors on the best place to have it,” Gwin said. “Two years ago they had it at the Sports Hall and they said it was one of the best dances.”


With a large dance floor, coat check, and second story that overlooks the mass of dancers, Gwin surely heeded this advice in picking out this venue.


“It offered a lot of space away from the crowd to still have fun without sweating too much,” said senior Teagan Deleon. “It wasn’t hot at all, and I had the option of putting my purse someplace safe if I needed it. The details were really nicely thought through.”


Like most dances, there was a refreshments table with small waters and an assortment of cookies, as well as a photo booth.


The dance started off slow, with a few brave souls who dared to dance in the center while the rest were onlookers. But soon the party livened up, creating dancers out of people who couldn’t exactly dance the greatest.


The DJ listened and watched the movement of the crowd, switching songs when appropriate and making sure to keep the dance floor active. He had to change songs a couple of times when he noticed couples and singles exited the floor due to a lack of interest.


“I was impressed,” senior Selam Solomon said. “I mean every time I was about to leave the dance floor because I was bored, the DJ would sense it or something and change it to a song that was pretty cool.”  


A while after the dance had started, the King and Queen were announced: Nikki Dean and Lopaca Rojas.


“It made me so happy that we both won,” Dean said as she wrapped her arms around her boyfriend. The dance resumed after the royal couple shared a dance.


“It stayed pretty hyped for the rest of the night,” Dean said, “It sucked that we couldn’t leave until after 10:30, because I get pretty tired but I didn’t mind too much.”
But even after the crowd filtered out and the last pair of heels were carried out by a tired girl who no longer wanted to wear them, the spirit of the dance remained in the history museum.