Destiny Alvarado’s Senior Project


Maria Vazquez, Web Design Editor

The Helix required Senior Project is a time for students to show their interests and be able to expand their knowledge on a subject and grow as a student , Destiny Alvarado, sure did the job.

To complete her senior project Alvarado plans to build a 2 am Radio.

How she plans on building it she explains, “the idea is that there is going to be a transmitter and a receiver aspect,” said Alvarado. “That way they kinda function more like walkie talkies.”

The senior even  took it a step further than just building the radio, but making it from scratch

“If you look online it’s really easy to find ‘build a quick radio in ten minutes’ but I am doing it from scratch so it’s basically like a circut board and literally making an antenna,” she said.

The idea as to why she chose her project was that she wanted a “hands-on” project but still be able to have it based on her career interests of engineering.

“I want to be an engineer, and when I chose the project, I was leaning more towards electrical engineering,” she said.

With a project this big, she is sure to face a problem or two along the way, one of them being finding the pieces to build her project or getting too much of one thing.

“The main problem I am having is finding the pieces because a lot of them I only need like five but Amazon wants to sell me five hundred and so I’m having trouble going to stores and finding the right ones.”

One of her mentors, Mrs. Jennifer Bullock, teacher for CAD (Computer-Aided Design),GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and Digital Art, provides support for her and helps on the CAD part of her project.

“I have had Destiny as a student since she was a freshman. She took my GIS 1/2, CAD, Advanced GIS and she has been in ACE Club.”

“Destiny is definitely out of her comfort zone. Building anything from scratch, teaches discipline and gives you an innate sense of pride and understanding of the inner workings of electronics,” Mrs. Bullock said.

Not only is she the club president for  ACE, but she previously has been active in track and cross country.

Destiny has not yet finished her project, but  plans on finishing by the beginning of March.