Valentine’s Spirit Week at Helix


Bailee Waid, Social Media Editor

This week, love is in the air – and so is school spirit here at Helix.

Each day this week is a dress-up day with themes ranging from matching couples to dating Netflix herself.

Monday 2/13:

“Date Night Versus Netflix” is where students dress either as if they are going out on a traditional Valentine’s date, or a lazy Netflix one accompanied by soft pillows and avocado face masks.

Tuesday 2/14:

Valentine’s Day, or as its themed, “Show Your Love,” calls for students to be decked-out in pink, white and love-like colors all around.

Wednesday 2/15:

“Iconic Duo” means that couples will dress as famous, lovey-dovey, well-known duos (such as Lucy and Ricky from I love Lucy).

Thursday 2/16:

The final day is “Greasers Versus Pink Ladies” in which students will dress up as either Greasers or Pink Ladies from the musical, Grease. The day is designed to bring about the nostalgia from a classic, 50’s love story.

Valentines week promises to be an exciting venture full of hearts and love; whether it be love for another or maybe a cat.