Lost and Found

Haniyah Taylor, Staff Writer

A teen girl from Florida was taken away as a baby 18 years ago then found safely in South Carolina.

This happend to parents Shanara Mobley and Craig Aiken, in July of 1998.

Their newborn baby girl was abducted from a Florida hospital by a woman who was posing as a nurse.

Kamiyah Mobley who now goes by the name, Alexis Manigo was found alive and well living in South Carolina.  

Gloria Williams who Mobley believed to be her mother, has been arrested and charged with kidnapping according to CNN News.

PC: NewsWeek; Gloria Williams

According to Daily News, the teen spoke out on Facebook defending Williams, Mobley wrote “My mother raised me with everything I needed and most of all everything I wanted” she also wrote “My mother is no felon”

Williams had suffered a miscarriage a week prior to driving three hours from South Carolina to Florida and took baby Kamiyah.

According to Daily News, in November a man told officers that Williams admitted to him that she stole Mobley from the Jacksonville hospital and raised her as her daughter, according to the arrest warrant.

Officers began searching for answers at Mobley’s Walterboro high school where they found her birth certificate and social security both to be found fake. According to CBS News, on the court documents, Mobley’s social security number had belonged to a man in Virginia who died on 1983.

Mobley had told NY Times that she struggled to get a job at Shoney’s when she did not have the credentials required to get the job.  

DNA tests that were taken, confirmed that Mobley was the missing baby and Williams was arrested on a kidnapping charge.

Kamiyah Mobley found out on Friday morning that the woman that raised her in Walterboro South Carolina, was not her real mother. Kamiyah was quickly able to reconnect with her birth parents via Facetime, who cried tears of joy when they were told their baby girl had been found.

Kaliyah Mobley present with her biological parents.
PC: New York Daily News

Kamiyah began to defend the local kidnapper saying “She will always be mom, I understand what she did was wrong, but just don’t lock her up and throw away the key,” according to CBS News.

Kaliyah and Gloria Williams
PC: Action News

Williams was extradited back to Florida and was held without bond according to Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams. Kamiyah was allowed to spend a few moments with Williams in court. She cried “Momma” through the caged window of  the security door.

Williams faces up to life in prison if convicted.