A UK Adventure: Helix Students Prepare to Travel

Ivan Jimenez, News Editor

It’s a life-changing trip to Europe – and spots are running out.

Spring Break of 2018 will see an 11-day excursion to the United Kingdom lead by sophomore English teacher, Mrs. Barbara Dagman.

The trip, filled with breathtaking visits to national parks, ancient palaces, and ancient wonders, is an exciting prospect for Helix students interested in international travel.

The adventure begins in the streets of Dublin, Ireland’s historic capital. It then moves to Snowdonia National Park, a lush, grassy home for ancient castles and bleating sheep.

When travellers reach England, they’ll visit Yorkshire, the heart of the English countryside. Finally, they’ll go to London and visit attractions such as Buckingham Palace, the Roman Baths, and eat some of England’s fabled fish and chips.

“I’m most excited to see Stonehenge and Bronte Country,” said Dagman who is especially excited for the trip.

In all of her years coordinating international trips, this will be the first excursion to English-speaking nations.

Dagman said that she’s learned to “expect the unexpected,” and that international travel requires one to be flexible.

Other travelers are excited too.

Bailee Waid, a sophomore planning to go on the European adventure, said that she’s excited to “go somewhere outside of the country.

“I don’t want to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime trip,” she continued.

The trip also rouses excitement among adult travelers.

Mrs. Potter is a Helix Librarian who plans on attending the excursion next spring. Being a librarian, she’s especially excited for the trip’s literary highlights.

“I think that travel is extremely important because not only do students learn a lot about history and other culture, but they develop an appreciation for other backgrounds, world views, and customs,” says Mrs. Christina Potter.

The trip is “very exciting to me because we’ll be seeing Bronte Country and Stratford-upon-Avon. We’ll also be seeing the Book of Kells in Dublin,” said Potter.


Sheep at Snowdonia National Park

Spots are running out quickly, though. There’s only room for four students left, so prospective travellers should apply soon. Students can apply by filling out an application which they can obtain from Mrs. Dagman in room 410.

And when they do apply, they’ll be in for an extraordinary adventure.