Passengers Movie Review


Jordan Walters, Staff Writer

PC: Counter- Currents Publishing

Passengers released on Dec. 21, 2016, is a movie starring Jennifer Lawrence playing the character Aurora, and Chris Pratt playing Jim Preston. The Norwegian film director, Morten Tyldum, is the man behind this satisfactory movie.

Although Passengers is a romantic, drama movie that makes viewers anxious of what’s to come, but the action in the film does not feel worthy of your anxiousness. The main conflict in the plot seems to be glossed over but is returned to in an effective way.

Jim and Aurora are passengers on a 120-year interplanetary trip to Homestead II, a planet other than Earth that can nurture human life, when Jim is awakened from his cryogenic sleep earlier than he should have. Jim eventually realizes that he has awaken too early and he’s all by himself. He goes through moral conflicts in his head of whether he should awaken another passenger, Aurora.

Jim goes on the trip because he seeks a new beginning which Homestead II presents to Jim. He is an old-school kind of man who prefers to build things through sweat, tears, blood, and some elbow grease.

Aurora’s aim is to return to New York on a round-trip ticket having written the first book about Homestead II. She carries herself with a higher standard along with a charming personality that Jim is falling for.

The plot persists with love lust and the chilling truth of how Aurora was awakened and what to do about their forever lasting trip in space.

Passengers can still be seen in theaters, it’s rated PG-13 so you won’t have to bring your parents along to watch.

If you are into romantic dramas in space then passengers should be right up your alley.