“A Dogs Purpose” Controversy


Maria Vazquez, Web Design Editor

In the movie “A Dog’s Purpose” shows the loving bond between an owner and his loving furry companion, but in a video posted on TMZ reveals a dog on set that seems to be abused.

The footage shows a german shepherd supposedly forced to perform a dangerous stunt by trainers who push  forcing the dog  towards the rushing water.  

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) called a boycott to the movie for the treatment and abuse that was showed in the footage according to Huffington Post.

In an interview with Today.com, actor, Dennis Quaid makes the claim, “absolutely no dogs were harmed in this and this was a piece of video that was shot during the making of this by some unknown person at the time and he also spiced edited and manipulated that to make it look like as if the dog was being abused.”

HotAir also makes the same argument and agrees with Dennis Quaid that the video was probably edited and that many precautions were made to make sure the dog was safe.

“I am very disturbed by the video released today from the set of my film ‘A Dog’s Purpose.'” I did not witness these actions, which are unacceptable and would never happen with my knowledge, ” Director of the film Lasse Hallstrom stated about the video.

She then continued to confirm the safe environment created by the crew created for the animals and promises an investigation into the situation.

With the protesting and boycotting, the film still managed to make a successful revenue of $18.4 million upon its opening week in January, and made its way to number 2 in the box office.

Nick Carpou, the president of Domestic and Theatrical Distribution for Universal Pictures, said, “The fact that the film has worked so well speaks directly to its resonating message. The controversy surrounding the protests generated by a highly edited video is hard to ignore. However, the box office shows that this film rises above that.”