The Bye Bye Man, Don’t think it, Don’t say it, literally.

The Bye Bye Man, Dont think it, Dont say it, literally.

Jackalyn Diaz, Helix Life Editor

These days people commit horrifying crimes all the time. Time and again we struggle to find what drives those people to do such terrible things. But what if we have been asking all the wrong questions? What if what causes people to do such terrible things isn’t a matter of what, but who?


The Bye Bye was released January 13, 2017. The main actors include Douglass Smith, Lucien Laviscount, Doug Jones, and Cressida Bonas.  


The movie opens up with a mass murder scene that takes place in the late 60’s, with a man repeating the words “don’t think it, don’t say it”  then fast forwards to the present. Three college students find themselves renting a rather sketchy and spacious house off campus.


The three college roommates stumble upon the origins of “The Bye Bye Man”, they quickly discover that there is only one way to avoid him: Don’t think it, Don’t say it. They find themselves losing themselves and slowly going crazy. They start imagining things that aren’t there and hear noises in the middle of the night.


“The Bye Bye Man” gets in the mind of his victims, he makes them hallucinate and believe that they see things that aren’t there that eventually leads them to their death because of the paranoia they face.


According to Forbes  during the first weekend in theaters The Bye Bye Man scored 13 million dollars in ticket sales.


33% of audiences actually liked the movie, however the average rating for the movie was a 3.5/ 10 according to Rotten Tomatoes.


The movie lacked a good plot, and originality. The Bye Bye Man heavily borrowed ideas from The Candy Man and The Ring.


Jeffrey M. Anderson from Common Sense Media writes, “Many Horror movies are bad, but it’s rare to find a horror movie that is so bad, it’s funny”.
It’s one of those horror movies that is so bad that it’s good. Watch at your own risk.