Samantha Muller-Aerialist

Valerie Arevalos, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Although it’s no secret that Helix holds a large variety of talented students and teachers, it’s not often that a student steps up to share their story.

Samantha Muller, a junior at Helix revealed her after-school passion for Aerial Silks.

Aerial Silks (also known as Aerial Ribbon, Tissue, and a series of different names) is an artistic performance in which aerialists hang from long pieces of fabric and make a series of moves.

Muller began aerial silks in August of 2015, her freshman year at Helix. Besides being, “giant pairs of two silks hanging from a ceiling,” as she described it,  Muller has developed a strong passion and love for the artistic challenge.

It’s definitely not as easy as it sounds, however.

Muller’s favorite hobby has definitely proven to be a challenge- from the several bruises she has developed, to aches and soreness- she still considers Aerial Silks to be something that “has taught [her] quite a lot.”

“It’s obviously taught me how to climb an aerial silk, but it has also taught me just how to get along with others,” Muller stated. “It’s really helped me physically and mentally.”

In fact, her interest in silks is so strong that she has decided to do something similar for her Senior Project. Instead of Aerial Silks however, she is “learning Aerial Hammock and performing two shows.”

The difference between aerial silks and aerial hammock, according to Muller is that “aerial hammock is aerial silks tied up at the top so it’s in the shape of a loop.”

Aerial Hammock, however, still has it’s own moves and ‘tricks’ she need  to learn for her senior project.

Muller’s senior project will be set as a “hybrid” project, mixing both fitness and performing arts, due to the complexity of her project.

In the future, Muller hopes to “someday teach [aerial silks] and share the experience that [she’s] been taught.”

Samantha Muller believes aerial silks is ultimately “my favorite thing to do, really. It’s like nothing in the world exists when I do it.”