Coach Van Hook Enters the End Zone

Another member of Helix who will be missed when he leaves at the end of this year is the former Head Varsity Football Coach, Donnie Van Hook, or the man who “dabbed” in the 2016 Helix Staff Airbands. As Hook grew up, he played football quite often, but he claims … Continue reading

Helix Says Goodbye to Dr. Lewis

Dr. Michael Lewis, Helix’s Executive Director, will be retiring after the school year ends. Although he is withdrawing from his position, he will not be leaving Helix as a whole and will continue to influence many students. Lewis started his career at Helix in 1985 as a student teacher and … Continue reading

4-5 Spanish Class: A Wonderful Performance

Towards the end of each school semester, Helix’s third year Spanish class performs extraordinary plays as a project of their finals and welcomes multiple classes (and anyone who is interested) to watch and be amused. Helix’s third year Spanish Teacher, Shelly Pool, is responsible for coordinating the plays and making … Continue reading

Forgotten Slaves Receive Honor at Last

After decades of being forgotten and laying in a shallow grave, remains of 14 presumed slaves will soon be reburied close to the Hudson River, just 11 years after construction workers uncovered them wrapped in shrouds and buried in pine boxes, according to the Associated Press. Now they are being … Continue reading